Monday, 10 November 2014

Bookclub year-end bash - and now for something completely different...

Last year our book club (read: wine club with a reading problem) wanted to do something different to mark the end of the year. We wanted to spend time together, but we wanted to do more than just go out for dinner. We’re not the ten pin bowling types, and good lord, we’re certainly not the bungy-jumping types – and then there was the fact that one of our number was due to have a baby during November…

In a fit of giggles (the type of fit that happens about every 15 minutes at book club), one of the girls suggested that we a fun photo shoot, all together. Well, as normally happens when a bunch of women with great ideas get together, the photoshoot idea soon evolved into an opportunity for fun shots, professional portrait shots and… boudoir shots!

We decided to spend a Saturday afternoon doing the photos – and we were lucky enough to come across Gerry, a photographer based at the most fabulous studio in Morningside. He said that he had some props that we could use for our shoots, but we all took some time to pack ballgowns, executive-wear, and some racy items from the drawer that you hope your children never find…

A few of the girls were a little nervous to strip down to their lacy bits for a strange man (we’re all married and love our husbands to bits – sometimes more to bits than others…). We were also a little nervous to put our bumps and wobbles on display in front of someone who clearly has spent a lot of time photographing some of the most perfect, beautiful women.

But Gerry was amazing. Not only did he put us totally at our ease, he made us all feel like supermodels. He gave us great direction on how to pose, when to pout, when to laugh, and when to literally just let our hair down. He managed to capture the most beautiful images of us in the ‘boudoir’ section of our shoot, making each of us feel beautiful, sexy, and in control. And yes, he made each of us believe that we were right up there with the professional subjects that he’s spent years photographing.

The new mommy in our midst took the plunge and did some exquisite maternity shots with her eight-day old daughter. We each did some portrait shots – the kind that you can use on your Twitter handle, Facebook profile or for your mother’s mantelpiece – as well as pics in our evening wear.

Gerry’s studio is spacious enough that it has a lounge and kitchen area in it, so we took snacks and bubbles (not of the bathing kind) and turned the afternoon into a celebration of friendship and how fantastic it is to be a woman.

If you’re looking for something different to do with your girlfriends, give Gerry a call to set up a shoot. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of a group boudoir shoot, I can tell you it’s one of the most empowering things I’ve done in a while – and I (and my husband) loved the results. If you’d prefer just to do fun friendship shots, or even family photos, Gerry’s relaxed and professional manner is sure to put you at ease – and I know from experience that you’ll love the photos he takes.