Thursday, 3 January 2013

Here's to 2013...

I'm sitting at the beginning of 2013 with a sense of some trepidation, and not a small amount of relief that 2012 is over. 

The last two months of 2012 were particularly sucky, with with my mom being diagnosed with a return of cancer that we all thought was 10 years banished, Daniel chopping his toe off in a freak accident at a birthday party on my mom-in-law's birthday, and Brett having to go into surgery for a kidney stone between Christmas and New Year. Yes, Universe, I think my character is built quite enough for now, thank you very much.

So, here's looking forward to 2013. Here are a few things I wish for, a few things I'm excited about, and a few things I've got planned. These are not New Year Resolutions - because those always fall by the wayside, no matter how honorable your intentions...

  • I wish for a complete recovery for my mom. She's been incredible since her diagnosis, her usual practical, pragmatic, quietly determined self, focused on getting through the radiation and chemo with dignity and grace. 
  • I wish for Daniel's toe to be properly attached, and this particularly detour on his journey to be over soon. We're seeing Dr Mia again this afternoon, and will find out more. 
  • I wish for Brett's health to be restored quickly, once the next part of the kidney stone episode is over in the next week or so, with as little pain and discomfort as possible. 
  • I'm excited for the beginning of the Littlest Haggard's St David's journey - he starts Grade 00 on 16 January, and is SO ready to be a Big School Boy.
  • I'm looking forward to the four of us going back to that fabulous cottage on the North Coast in April. Last year's family time - just the four of us - was incredibly important to me. 
  • I'm looking forward to going to Glastonbury in June. I'm not a festival person so much, but thanks to a very special friend, we'll be doing Glastonbury in a little more comfort and style than the rest of the sticky muddy masses... 
  • I'm looking forward to seeing my brotherfriend while we're in the UK for Glastonbury. I was lucky enough to have two visits with him last year, after not seeing him for several years, but there are some people who will always be exactly the right ones to sit and catch up over fine coffee and cheesecake. 
  • I'm planning to spend time differently this year. I need to disconnect from social media more - taking a social media sabbatical over the holidays was very insightful. I want to spend more time on myself, doing things that I want to do. Like go back to yoga, and read. 
  • I love what we've done with our house over the holidays - cleaning, tidying, painting, moving rooms around. I'm hoping it will give us the space we need, and more functionality to our home. 
  • I'm looking forward to nurturing and cherishing some special friendships that have grown over the last couple of years - ladies who Get me. 
  • I'm looking forward to exploring a couple of ideas I've had for blogs and websites - all around the day job, of course. That's for the copious free time I have, you know, all - what - 15 minutes once a week? ;-) Refer back to the ones about spending my time differently this year, in the different spaces we've created. 

What have you got lined up for 2013?