Tuesday, 3 July 2012

20 thoughts on turning 40

Yup. Who would have thunk it - I'm knock-knock-knocking on 40's door... I have a few thoughts to put down on the screen, but they're pretty random. So here goes.

  1. I am incredibly blessed to have the most wonderful husband whom I love so much, the most incredible sons, a loving and supportive mother and mother in law, a comfortable home and a good job that I enjoy.  
  2. I've learned that you're never too old to make new friends. And I am lucky to have some really great 'old' friends.
  3. My boys teach me something new every day. Sometimes small lessons, often really big ones.
  4. While I'm done with suffering BS, there are times when it's less stressful and more peaceful to just smile and wave.
  5. I have had a bit of a hiatus from cooking and baking lately, but every now and then inspiration strikes. Sometimes it strikes in a double-whammy - today's inspiration is all about lemon macarons and strawberry smoothie cupcakes. Separately, not together.
  6. While I'm fiercely independent and somewhat of a control freak, there's a little girl inside me that wants other people to take charge and make things happen. Thank you to two special ladies who did this for me on Saturday night.
  7. I have this deep creative urge inside me that I don't know what to do with. I can't draw a stick person, or paint a splatter painting, but I feel this need to make something beautiful.
  8. That same creative urge is desperate for me to write a book (ja, me and about 40 million other people, I guess.) I have two book-kernels in mind. But oh, where to start, where to take the storylines, and the Fear of wondering if anyone will be interested in them when they're done.
  9. I want a covered patio that can house a big comfy daybed, that will capture the afternoon sun but be sheltered from the rain.
  10. I've got grand plans for rebuilding/renovating our kitchen, but am terrified of the expense only a little more than I'm terrified of the mess.
  11. I am so immensely proud of being South African. But also immensely sad at how many things this country constantly screws up.
  12. One day when I grow up, I'd love to make a difference in education. I have a couple of ideas brewing, but need to find time/support/knowledge/money/technology to make those happen.
  13. I'm a sucker for puppy breath. That is how we land up expecting dogs number 3 and 4 to arrive on Friday. Texas and Dakota, the daschund cross Foxy pups will be joining Phoebe the Rottweiler and Sebastian the Daschund.
  14. I'm breaking from the norm this birthday. I usually ask for practical, sensible birthday presents. This year, I've asked for 'envelopes', and I'm going to use the proceeds to buy something completely useless but incredibly beautiful. I don't know what it is yet, but the search is underway.
  15. I don't get Car Envy any more. I do however get Shoe Envy, and Wardrobe Envy. And occasionally Perfect Hair and MakeUp Envy.
  16. I would dearly like to have a dressing table. Not with film star lights though.
  17. I really enjoy my job, but would love to get to the position where I could work a 3/4 day, to be able to spend the afternoons with my boys, either helping with homework or supporting them when they play sport.
  18. This is the year I want to sort our garden out. We need to put decent lawn in the front, and I really want to get my veggie garden producing enough for us to actually use. It's been great, but more of a "look how easy it is to grow stuff" project than a "we don't need to buy vegetables any more" project.
  19. I need to stop looking for the negatives in situations and people, and focus on the positives.
  20. The only way I'm going to get into the kind of shape I'd like to be is if I do what's necessary to get there. Doh! Obvious, right? I need to get stronger with myself, and with setting aside the time and care it's going to need for me to get there.
So, the big day is on Thursday. I had dinner with good friends this previous Saturday, and will spend Thursday with my boys, Brett and my mom... and will take the rest of the day as it goes.