Thursday, 3 May 2007

Ranting and raving

Ranting because:
Google and Safari weren't talking via my Mac, which is largely why I've been absent.
The Stupid People are everywhere. They give you 10 days to interview 20 people and write 7500 words, and then well beyond the deadline ask you to interview 4 more. And they don't seem to want to pay you for your efforts.
The other Stupid People don't know what they want, and they only tell you once you've given them the apparently wrong thing twice.
There's not nearly enough time in the day. And not nearly enough days in the week.

Raving because:
Google and Safari have made friends again. Although they don't seem to be talking picture language...
May is full of good things like:
- Ian and Tamarin's wedding on Saturday - let's hope they survive Ian's mother...
- Tom is here to visit - he's spending Friday night with us, and then we're off to the game reserve with him and Amber next week
- Tamsin, Adam and Tabitha are coming to visit, and they're moving into our cottage for a week - yay!
My husband seems to be ok with the concept of my ex coming for dinner. This is fab because if they could get over themselves, they'd probably be great mates
My child is just fantabulously wonderfully inspirationally excitingly amazing. Any more superlatives would make me look biased...