Monday, 27 June 2011


It does occur to me from time to time that I only seem to use this blog to rant. Today, however, I was inspired by Wenchy and her Gratitude Journal. I don't think I have the time, discipline or patience to do a daily entry, but I'm going to make an effort to write about things for which I am grateful for the next while. Wenchy also does a 'proper' Thanksgiving celebration every year, which I also think is a fine idea. I may even steal it and start the tradition among our friends this year. I think it's important for adults to be grateful for what we have, and for our children to learn to appreciate their good fortune too.

So... to start...

I am grateful for my parents. My mom turns 70 next week, my dad passed away seven years ago, at the age  of 77. There was a 15 year age gap between them, but their marriage was rock solid. They certainly had their differences, but I didn't hear them raise their voices to one another. Not once. There were a few times when the house was shrouded in silence over something or other, but they got over it after a while, and went back to being the rock-solid, caring, amazing parents that I grew up with.

My mom is uncomplicated and straightforward - qualities I value so much, and which I aspire to myself. My dad worked hard, had strong principles and a determination to do things properly and with meticulous attention to detail. The first two - I try really hard to follow, the third - well, I still need to practice that lots.

But this post of gratitude is because I am who I am because of the solid foundations that they gave me. I am grateful for that, and for the role they play in my life - both of them - every day.